Weltweite Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Chirophonetik


WACH (in German: Weltweite Arbeitsgemeinschaft Chirophonetik) –

the Worldwide Working Group for Chirophonetic Therapy, is a free association of people who have completed their training in Chirophonetic Therapy. The intention of the group is to exchange practical experiences, to further the study of the theoretical basis of the therapy and to continue with research work in Chirophonetic Therapy. The bi-annual working meeting of the WACH is attended by the different country representatives and the representatives of the different schools for Chirophonetic Therapy. In addition some guests regularly join the meeting to deepen the knowledge with their particular expertise. The purpose of the WACH is to be the organ which is responsible for the further development and preservation of Chirophonetic Therapy and also to work as the central coordinating point for the questions and answers that may arise world-wide.

Chirophonetic Therapy was developed in the 1970s by Dr. Alfred Baur. On the following pages you will find information on what Chirophonetic Therapy can achieve and where it is practiced in the different countries of the world.

The term Chirophonetic Therapy means that the hands and the sounds are used (cheires and phone in classical Greek).

During the treatment, the therapist strokes the sound forms onto the patient's back or limbs, while simultaneously toning each sound. Alfred Baur developed these sound forms by observing the different shapes that the air flow makes in the mouth when speaking the respective sounds.