Weltweite Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Chirophonetik

Who was Alfred Baur?

Alfred Baur was born on 31 August, 1925, in Wels, Austria, and as a young man was initially interested in mechanical engineering. After military service and imprisonment in Russia he studied German language, History and Philosophy in Graz. During this time he encountered Anthroposophy for the first time.

After receiving his PhD he first worked in various institutions for Curative Education in Switzerland and the Netherlands. From 1953 onwards he worked in Linz, Austria, in a Speech Therapy practice together with his wife, Dr. med. Ilse A. Baur. His work with children resulted in the creation of many rhymes and language exercises, which have been published in various books.

From 1972 he developed Chirophonetic Therapy from his work in his Speech Therapy practice. By 1976 he had developed the new treatment method to such an extent that he was able to give the first courses for people who wanted to use this new therapy in their therapeutic or curative work. Some of these people are still active today in Chirophonetic Therapy.

At first, Alfred Baur gave his courses in German-speaking countries, but then also in Scandinavia, England, The Netherlands, Italy, as well as in Brazil, Australia and New Zealand. For many years Alfred Baur himself directed the School for Chirophonetic Therapy and by the year 2000/2001 he had given in total about 195 courses.

In 1989 Alfred Baur published in German his book "Healing sounds: Fundamentals of Chirophonetics". It has been translated into 12 languages so far.

Alfred Baur passed away in 2008 in Kirchschlag, Austria.