Weltweite Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Chirophonetik

Fields of Work and indications

During the treatment with Chirophonetic Therapy, the therapist touches the patient with gentle massage strokes. The patient’s experience of their body is intensified through feeling the light pressure, movement and warmth. This enhanced self-perception gives the patient a safe experience of being present in their own skin and body. This provides a sense of security and in many respects can be a great help in the therapeutic process.

In general, it can be said that Chirophonetic Therapy
- activates the self-healing powers in a comprehensive way
- balances tension and relaxation
- harmonizes the up-building and breaking down processes
- brings pulse and breathing into a healthy rhythm
- has an integrating effect on the body, soul and spirit of the person..

Special fields of application are:
In the field of speech and hearing
- The initiation of speech in children who do not speak or barely speak
- Language difficulties as a result of brain trauma
- Auditory processing disorder
- Hearing impairment.

In pedagogy and curative education
- The treatment of developmental delays
- Touch and movement abnormalities
- Prenatal damage caused by alcohol or drugs
- Autism
- Behavioral disorders
- Enuresis (involuntary wetting)
- Restlessness, ADHD
- Reading and spelling difficulties
- Concentration disorders

In cases of psychosomatic illnesses
- Sleep disorders
- Anxiety disorders
- Neurodermatitis
- Migraine
- Burnout

Chirophonetic Therapy can also be a useful complement to medical care in wound healing after surgery, rejuvenation after anesthesia, the treatment of cancer, chronic diseases and autoimmune diseases.