Weltweite Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Chirophonetik

Webpages worldwide

Chirophonetics is not yet represented on a national level on the Internet in all countries where chirophonetics therapists work. And not all countries and schools have joined WACH. Also, national professional associations or other national associations on chirophonetics are partly still under construction.

The following list therefore contains not only the Internet addresses of the active national Associations, but also some reference to individual therapists and links to information about Chirophonetic Therapy, e.g. on the pages of Anthroposophic Medical Associations.

Australia and New Zealand: https://chirophoneticspacific.com
Brazil: http://www.sab.org.br/portal/medicinaeterapias/138-quirofonetica
Germany: http://www.chirophonetik.de
Denmark/Sweden/Norway: https://www.kirofonetikk.no
Holland: http://www.chirofonetiek.nl
Italy: http://chirofonetica.it
Iceland: https://www.english.healthweeks.is/therapies.html
Austria: https://chirophonetik.at
Portugal: http://www.a-ama.com.pt/ama/ter_quiro.php
Switzerland: http://schweiz-chirophonetik.ch
Slowakia: http://chirofonetikask.wix.com/chirofonetika
Czech Republic: http://www.chirofonetika.cz