Weltweite Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Chirophonetik

What is the WACH?

WACH is an abbreviation for German: Weltweite Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Chirophonetik. The WACH was founded as a worldwide free association of people who have completed their education in Chirophonetic Therapy and are interested in exchanging experiences, studying the basics together and further exploring Chirophonetics. The country representatives and the representatives of the schools for Chirophonetic Therapy take part in the regular bi-annual working meetings. In addition some guests who bring their particular expertise regularly join the meeting. The WACH group is responsible for the development and preservation of Chirophonetic Therapy and the coordination of important issues.

Alfred Baur began teaching Chirophonetic Therapy Courses in 1976, firstly in Austria and later in other countries. New schools for the training were founded in different countries. Beginning in 1990, Alfred Baur organized an annual summer course for graduates from all over the world. After he passed away in February 2008, the leaders of the different schools and courses decided to continue the collaborative work on a regular basis. Thus from 2008 onwards, the representatives from more than 20 countries and the representatives of the different Schools for Chirophonetic Therapy have met every two years for further training in a place near Linz, Austria.

In 2008, Ulrike von Armansperg, Alfred Baur's long-time assistant, took on the responsibility to act within the WACH as the coordinating person for Chirophonetic Therapy worldwide and for the organization of the bi-annual working meetings. In 2015 she handed this task over to Angela Assenza, Eva Milkovà and Stephan Rex. From 2020 onwards, the coordinating group of the WACH is made up of Angela Assenza from Italy, Mauro Menuzzi from Portugal and Stephan Rex from Germany.

Other organizations within the movement of Chirophonetic Therapy are:

  • National associations which support the work of the Schools and Courses and represent the welfare of the therapists.
  • The Alfred Baur heritage BGB, responsible for the publication of the study books, preservation and administration of the licensing rights, storage and arrangement of the entire estate of Alfred Baur.
    Fore more information see https://www.chirophonetik.de/forschungskreis-200.html
  • The Foundation Fund for Chirophonetic Therapy, providing worldwide support for the training and dissemination of Chirophonetic Therapy within the framework of its statute. Applications for funding to the Foundation Fund are to be made via the respective course leader.