Weltweite Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Chirophonetik

Education and training

Chirophonetics is a therapeutic method that is usually integrated into a basic profession. The training offered by the different Schools of Chirophonetic Therapy is therefore primarily, but not exclusively, aimed at people who have already completed their training in Speech or Occupational Therapy, Medicine, Nursing, Pedagogy or Curative Education, and who wish to expand and deepen their professional skills with the help of Chirophonetic Therapy.

The training is an additional training and not a basic professional qualification. It normally extends over 3-4 years, divided into eight course weeks or several course weekends with theoretical and artistic elements, as well as the practical learning of sound forms and rhythms. The training in theory and practice is given by instructors from various fields of work. In this way the participants can experience the quality of the sounds and discover for themselves a new, deeper approach to the fundamentals of language. In addition, written papers are required, and between the courses, regular practice, if possible with other students. At the end of the training, the student presents a major paper or thesis, about their work with a patient, which includes the description of their observation, the clinical picture, and the treatment. This work is also presented orally to the group.

The basis of all the training courses is the study of the speech sounds, as described by Alfred Baur in his book "Healing sounds: Fundamentals of Chirophonetics", and the anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner.

The division of training into basic and advanced levels is regulated on a country- specific basis. In the basic training, the qualities of the sounds are experienced by looking at them from different aspects. In the practical part of the basic training, the sound forms are practiced on the back, arms and legs. After completion of about a third of the training courses, work can begin on individual patients under supervision.

Chirophonetik Therapy Training Framework Curriculum